Label: INTRA-CELL- ingredients spray

  • NDC Code(s): 63776-250-14
  • DEA Schedule: None
  • Marketing Status: unapproved homeopathic

DISCLAIMER: This homeopathic product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for safety or efficacy. FDA is not aware of scientific evidence to support homeopathy as effective.

Drug Label Information

Updated January 11, 2018

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  • Active Ingredients

    Acetyl-L-Carnitine (30K), Alfa lipoic acid (30K), Ascorbic acid (30K), ATP (30K), Calcium gluconicum (30K), cAMP (30K), Citric Acid (30K), Colchicum autumnale (6X, 200K), Conium (30K), Co-Q 10 (30K), Cuprum sulfuricum (30K), Ferrum fumaricum (30K), Folic Acid (30K), Fumaric Acid (30K), Kalium asparticum (30K), Lactic Acid (30K), Magnesium phosphoricum (30K), Manganum gluconicum (30K), Manganum phosphoricum (30K), Merc Sol (30K), Methylglyoxal (30K), Natrium oxalaceticum (30K), Natrium pyruvicum (30K), Niacin (30K), Pantothenic acid (30K), Phosphorus (30K), Podophyllum peltatum (30K), Quinhydrone (30K), RNA (30K), Selenomethionine (30K), Succinic Acid (30K), Sulfur (30K), Vitamin B1 (30K), Vitamin B12 (30K), Vitamin B2 (30K), Vitamin B6 (30K), Vitamin E (30K), Zincum gluconicum (30K)

  • Purpose:

    Alfa Ipoic acidAnti-aging
    Ascorbic acidAnti-oxidant
    ATPCell respiration
    Calcium gluconicumLiver support
    cAMPIntra-Cellular support
    Citric AcidCell respiration
    Colchicum autumnaleDrainage
    Co-Q 10Cell respiration
    Cuprum sulfuricumAnti-spasmatic
    Ferrum fumaricumCell respiration
    Folic AcidAnti-aging
    Fumaric AcidCell respiration
    Kalium asparticumCell respiration
    Lactic AcidCell respiration
    Magnesium phosphoricumPain relief
    Manganum gluconicumCell Respiration
    Manganum phosphoricumRegeneration
    Merc SolDrainage
    Natrium oxalaceticumCell respiration
    Natrium pyruvicumCell respiration
    Pantothenic acidNeurological support
    Podophyllum peltatumDrainage
    QuinhydroneCitric cycle support
    SelenomethionineNutritional Support
    Succinic AcidCell respiration
    Vitamin B1Nutritional Support
    Vitamin B12Nutritional Support
    Vitamin B2Nutritional Support
    Vitamin B6Adrenal support
    Vitamin ENutritional Support
    Zincum gluconicumRegeneration
  • Uses

    To help support the structure & function of the cell

  • Warnings

    Stop use and ask a health care practitioner if symptoms persist for more than five days or worsen. If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health care practitioner before use.

  • Dosage

    1-3 spray(s); 1-3 time(s) per day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.


    Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children.

  • Inactive ingredients

    20% Alcohol and 80% Water

  • Other Information

    Normal storage use.

    Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken or removed.

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    ITEM: VPC0280

    NDC 63776-250-14

    Homeopathic remedy


    • To help support the structure & function of the cell

    Oral spray
    30ml 1 oz

    Viatrexx™ Bio Incorporated

    Manufactured by Viatrexx
    Newark, DE 19713

    Intra-Cell Carton


    30 ml
    1 oz

    Viatrexx™ Bio Incorporated

    ITEM: VPC0280
    NDC: 63776-250-14

    To help support the structure & function of the cell

    1-3 spray(s); 1-3 time(s) per day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

    Mfg. for
    Viatrexx Bio Incorporated
    Newark, DE 19713

    ingredients spray
    Product Information
    Product TypeHUMAN OTC DRUGItem Code (Source)NDC:63776-250
    Route of AdministrationORAL
    Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
    Ingredient NameBasis of StrengthStrength
    Acetylcarnitine (UNII: 6DH1W9VH8Q) (Levocarnitine - UNII:0G389FZZ9M) Acetylcarnitine30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    .alpha.-lipoic Acid (UNII: 73Y7P0K73Y) (.alpha.-lipoic Acid - UNII:73Y7P0K73Y) .alpha.-lipoic Acid30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Ascorbic Acid (UNII: PQ6CK8PD0R) (Ascorbic Acid - UNII:PQ6CK8PD0R) Ascorbic Acid30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Adenosine Triphosphate (UNII: 8L70Q75FXE) (Adenosine Triphosphate - UNII:8L70Q75FXE) Adenosine Triphosphate30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Calcium Gluconate (UNII: SQE6VB453K) (Calcium Cation - UNII:2M83C4R6ZB) Calcium Gluconate30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Citric Acid Monohydrate (UNII: 2968PHW8QP) (Anhydrous Citric Acid - UNII:XF417D3PSL) Anhydrous Citric Acid30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Colchicum Autumnale Bulb (UNII: 993QHL78E6) (Colchicum Autumnale Bulb - UNII:993QHL78E6) Colchicum Autumnale Bulb200 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Conium Maculatum Flowering Top (UNII: Q28R5GF371) (Conium Maculatum Flowering Top - UNII:Q28R5GF371) Conium Maculatum Flowering Top30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Ubidecarenone (UNII: EJ27X76M46) (Ubidecarenone - UNII:EJ27X76M46) Ubidecarenone30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Cupric Sulfate (UNII: LRX7AJ16DT) (Cupric Cation - UNII:8CBV67279L) Cupric Cation30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate (UNII: 0I2XIN602U) (Ferric Cation - UNII:91O4LML611) Ferric Cation30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Folic Acid (UNII: 935E97BOY8) (Folic Acid - UNII:935E97BOY8) Folic Acid30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Fumaric Acid (UNII: 88XHZ13131) (Fumaric Acid - UNII:88XHZ13131) Fumaric Acid30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Potassium Aspartate (UNII: OC4598NZEQ) (Aspartic Acid - UNII:30KYC7MIAI) Potassium Aspartate30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Lactic Acid (UNII: 33X04XA5AT) (Lactic Acid - UNII:33X04XA5AT) Lactic Acid30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Magnesium Phosphate, Tribasic, Pentahydrate (UNII: 453COF7817) (Magnesium Cation - UNII:T6V3LHY838) Magnesium Phosphate, Tribasic, Pentahydrate30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Manganese Gluconate (UNII: 9YY2F980SV) (Manganese Cation (2+) - UNII:H6EP7W5457) Manganese Gluconate30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Manganese Phosphate, Dibasic (UNII: VZ3U1H7Q5B) (Manganese Cation (2+) - UNII:H6EP7W5457) Manganese Phosphate, Dibasic30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Mercurius Solubilis (UNII: 324Y4038G2) (Mercurius Solubilis - UNII:324Y4038G2) Mercurius Solubilis30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Pyruvaldehyde (UNII: 722KLD7415) (Pyruvaldehyde - UNII:722KLD7415) Pyruvaldehyde30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Sodium Diethyl Oxalacetate (UNII: 6CA025Y4FG) (Diethyl Oxalacetate - UNII:15S56468G7) Sodium Diethyl Oxalacetate30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Sodium Pyruvate (UNII: POD38AIF08) (Pyruvic Acid - UNII:8558G7RUTR) Sodium Pyruvate30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Niacin (UNII: 2679MF687A) (Niacin - UNII:2679MF687A) Niacin30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Pantothenic Acid (UNII: 19F5HK2737) (Pantothenic Acid - UNII:19F5HK2737) Pantothenic Acid30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Phosphorus (UNII: 27YLU75U4W) (Phosphorus - UNII:27YLU75U4W) Phosphorus30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Podophyllum (UNII: 2S713A4VP3) (Podophyllum - UNII:2S713A4VP3) Podophyllum30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Quinhydrone (UNII: P4A66LQ3QJ) (Hydroquinone - UNII:XV74C1N1AE) Quinhydrone30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Rna (UNII: J17GBZ5VGX) (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Rna - UNII:J17GBZ5VGX) Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Rna30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Selenomethionine (UNII: 964MRK2PEL) (Selenomethionine - UNII:964MRK2PEL) Selenomethionine30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Succinic Acid (UNII: AB6MNQ6J6L) (Succinic Acid - UNII:AB6MNQ6J6L) Succinic Acid30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Sulfur (UNII: 70FD1KFU70) (Sulfur - UNII:70FD1KFU70) Sulfur30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Thiamine (UNII: X66NSO3N35) (Thiamine Ion - UNII:4ABT0J945J) Thiamine30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Cyanocobalamin (UNII: P6YC3EG204) (Cyanocobalamin - UNII:P6YC3EG204) Cyanocobalamin30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Riboflavin (UNII: TLM2976OFR) (Riboflavin - UNII:TLM2976OFR) Riboflavin30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Pyridoxine (UNII: KV2JZ1BI6Z) (Pyridoxine - UNII:KV2JZ1BI6Z) Pyridoxine30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    .alpha.-tocopherol (UNII: H4N855PNZ1) (.alpha.-tocopherol - UNII:H4N855PNZ1) .alpha.-tocopherol30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Zinc Gluconate (UNII: U6WSN5SQ1Z) (Zinc Cation - UNII:13S1S8SF37) Zinc Gluconate30 [kp_C]  in 1 mL
    Inactive Ingredients
    Ingredient NameStrength
    Water (UNII: 059QF0KO0R)  
    Alcohol (UNII: 3K9958V90M)  
    #Item CodePackage DescriptionMarketing Start DateMarketing End Date
    1NDC:63776-250-141 in 1 BOX07/24/2012
    130 mL in 1 BOTTLE, SPRAY; Type 0: Not a Combination Product
    Marketing Information
    Marketing CategoryApplication Number or Monograph CitationMarketing Start DateMarketing End Date
    unapproved homeopathic07/24/2012
    Labeler - VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED (078419880)
    NameAddressID/FEIBusiness Operations
    Les Importations Herbasante Inc243254612MANUFACTURE(63776-250)