March 31, 2015

DailyMed Adds Ingredient UNIIs and Relevancy Sorting for Search Results

DailyMed now includes FDA unique ingredient identifiers (UNII) in the 'Ingredients and Appearance' section of all labels. UNIIs, previously available only in the XML format of labels, are now displayed in the HTML, PDF, and printable versions of each label.
The following image is an example 'Ingredients and Appearance' section table with UNII Codes:
UNII Code Example

The default display for DailyMed search results is now 'Sort By Relevance'. Relevancy sorting uses the search input to algorithmically rank results based upon brand names, generic names, ingredients, drug classes, and other metadata elements. If you prefer to sort results alphabetically or with the repackaged products listed last, these sorting options are also available via a dropdown menu on the search results page.

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