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Current Medication Information

DailyMed provides high quality information about marketed drugs.

Drug labeling on this Web site is the most recent submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and currently in use; it may include, for example, strengthened warnings undergoing FDA review or minor editorial changes. These labels have been reformatted to make them easier to read.


At the present time this Web site does not contain a complete listing of labels for approved prescription drugs. Currently this Web site contains 65487 drugs.


Web Services


February 4, 2014 - The DailyMed API has been updated to Version 2, which includes new resources and provides improved access to the DailyMed data.

For information about previous versions of API, visit the Previous API Versions page.

The DailyMed RESTful API is a web service for accessing current SPL information. It is implemented using HTTP and can be thought of as a collection of resources, specified as URIs. Some characteristics of the DailyMed RESTful API:

The following tables lists all currently available resources. Note that the base URI and file extensions are omitted from the table for readability.

RESTful Web Service Resource Description
/applicationnumbersNew Web Service Returns a list of all NDA numbers.
/drugclasses Returns a list of all drug classes associated with at least one SPL in the Pharmacologic Class Indexing Files.
/drugnames Returns a list of all drug names.
/ndcs Returns a list of all NDC codes.
/rxcuis New Web Service Returns a list of all product-level RxCUIs.
/spls Returns a list of all SPLs.
/spls/{SETID} Returns an SPL document for specific Set ID.
/spls/{SETID}/history Returns version history for specific Set ID.
/spls/{SETID}/media Returns all media for specific Set ID.
/spls/{SETID}/ndcs Returns all ndcs for specific Set ID.
/spls/{SETID}/packaging New Web Service Returns all product packaging descriptions for specific Set ID.
/uniisNew Web Service Returns a list of all UNIIs.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page allows you to conduct a more powerful search. It supports the use of Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT operations) and field searching.

Current fields that can be searched include:

Search Field Description
NAME Drug Name
CLASS Pharmacologic Class
LABEL_TYPE Label Type (Human, Animal, etc.)
INDICATIONS Indications & Usage Section
CONTRAINDICATIONS Contraindications Section
ADVERSE_REACTIONS Adverse Reactions Section
WARNINGS Warnings & Precautions Section
BOXED_WARNING Boxed Warning Section

Each input field in the Advanced Search page consists of two drop-down menus and a text field. The drop-down menus allow you to select a Boolean operator and search field to limit the current criteria. While you type, your current search query will appear on the bottom of the screen, so you may preview your search query before you submit it. Additionally, you can add new restrictions to your query by clicking the Add Criteria button, or remove one by clicking the Remove Criteria button. Finally, you can limit your search to only Human Drugs or Animal Drugs by clicking one of the radio buttons at the bottom of the screen.


Example Query Description
NAME:(acetaminophen aspirin) Find all drugs containing the words acetaminophen and aspirin in the name.
NAME:("acetaminophen aspirin") Find all drugs containing the exact phrase "acetaminophen aspirin" in the name.
NAME:(acet*) Find all drugs containing a word starting with acet- in the name.
NAME:(acetaminophen NOT aspirin) Find all drugs containing acetaminophen but not aspirin in the name.
NAME:(tetracycline) NOT INGREDIENT:("benzyl alcohol") Find all drugs containing tetracycline in the name but not containing "benzyl alcohol" as an ingredient

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Permanent URLs

SPL IDs are not static, so a label's URL may change if the label is updated. However, we provide permanent URLs to view or download the latest version of an SPL if you know the setId of the SPL you wish to view. If you do not know the setId, you can find out this information by using one of the web services listed above.

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Mapping Files

These are pipe (|) delimited files relating SPL Set IDs with other information. Currently, there are three files: (SPL-RxNorm Mappings), (SPL-Pharmacologic Class Mappings), and (Zip File Metadata). The following diagram shows how they are related.

SPL-RxNorm-Pharmacologic Class Relationship Diagram

SPL-RxNorm Mappings

This file maps SPLs to the RxNorm concept(s) they represent. SPLs may represent multiple RxNorm concepts.

Column Description
SETID Uniquely identifies a group of versions of an SPL file.
SPL_VERSION The current active version number of the SPL file.
RXCUI Uniquely identifies an RxNorm concept.*
RXSTRING The normalized name of the RxNorm concept.*
RXTTY The term type of the RxNorm concept.*

*For more information about these RxNorm terms, please visit RxNorm Overview.

Sample entry:

897ad8b7-921d-eb02-a61c-3419e662a2da|5|904458|Pravastatin Sodium 10 MG Oral Tablet|SCD

SPL-Pharmacologic Class Mappings

This file maps SPLs to their Pharmacologic Class Indexing File(s). Pharmacologic Classes may contain multiple SPLs.

Column Description
SPL_SETID Uniquely identifies a group of versions of an SPL file.
SPL_VERSION The current active version number of the SPL file.
PHARMA_SETID Uniquely identifies a group of versions of a Pharmacologic Class file.
PHARMA_VERSION The current active version number of the Pharmacologic Class file.

Sample entry:


Zip File Metadata

This file maps SPL Set IDs to their zip file name and drug title. For each SPL zip file name, there will be one and only entry in this file.

Column Description
SETID Uniquely identifies a group of versions of an SPL file.*
ZIP_FILE_NAME Filename of the zip file containing the SPL.
UPLOAD_DATE Date that the current active version was uploaded.
SPL_VERSION Current active version number of the SPL.
TITLE Title of the drug in the format "DRUG NAME [LABELER NAME]".

*For more information about Set ID, please visit If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, follow this link to download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software. (Windows and Mac)

Sample entry:

897ad8b7-921d-eb02-a61c-3419e662a2da||11/14/2012|5|PRAVACHOL (PRAVASTATIN SODIUM) TABLET [E.R. SQUIBB & SONS, L.L.C.]

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